Egis Projects Ireland

About Us

About Us


Egis Projects Ireland (EPIR) aims to be ahead of the curve, imagining new solutions for infrastructure users and providers. EPIR channels its in-depth knowledge of new technologies, and its creative and multicultural talents into providing solutions that meet local requirements.

In its core business of operating and managing road infrastructure, EPIR is using these new technologies for creating and delivering innovative services to infrastructure users and providers.

EPIR has a dynamic approach to road user charging via the implementation of electronic toll collection, free-flow tolling systems and toll road interoperability to delivering services that encompass congestion charging & road pricing. EPIR provides ancillary services such as parking and traffic information as either a provider or service integrator.


EPIR is broadening its offer on an ongoing basis by putting its financial engineering expertise, its operational know-how and creativity into developing a wide range of services. Presently it is striving to ensure on behalf of the infrastructure provider that road travel is safe and reliable for the end user.

EPIR benefits also from access to Egis Projects engineering capabilities, the leading European engineering company in transportation infrastructure.