Egis Projects Ireland



Our Approach:

Through its global presence Egis Projects Ireland (EPIR) has developed a unique know-how in developing and managing complex transport infrastructure projects. It is recognised as a major player in the public-private partnership market, acting as a long-term developer and investor, as a system integrator and as one of the leading companies in operating and maintaining infrastructure.

Our Services:


EPIR have an innovative project development record across a wide range of infrastructure projects. Egis Projects is extremely well-ranked in international financial league tables with a strong track record in its own right or as partners to major consortiums.


EPIR has highly diversified experience with a worldwide presence across a wide portfolio of projects. This knowledge is key to delivering client satisfaction and project optimisation.

Advanced Services – EPIR advocates a philosophy of shared expertise to develop a centre of competence.

Advanced communication systems exist to share experience, knowledge and best practice across all facets of the business. EPIR provides centralised services includes (QHSE, IT, HR and Finance) to its projects.